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2023-24 fall/winter trend colors!

What are the popular colors introduced by many brands at the 2023-24 fall/winter season fashion shows?


I think you all know

The number one color that attracted the attention of world-famous fashion magazines was red.


The colors that attracted attention from ELLE・BAZZR・25ans

1. red2. gray3. White x black 4. pink



Regarding materials and design

The most attention-grabbing item seems to be the leather. Although it is called leather, it is not genuine leather but synthetic leather.

In recent years, many famous sports brands and women's brands around the world, such as real fur, real leather, and real down,

have been switching to fake leather due to environmental and ecological issues.

faux leather

Faux leather is a synthetic leather made by layering synthetic resin over a base fabric

to resemble natural leather.

There are two types: PU leather, which uses polyurethane resin, and PVC leather, which uses vinyl chloride resin.

PU leather is often used for clothing, bags, etc.

What is PU leather? Synthetic leather made from polyurethane resin.

PU leather is often mistaken as a type of genuine leather.

PU faux leather

PU ladies coat

From the Japanese Internet

PVC leather

PVC leather has more tension than PU and is often used for sofas, bags, and wallets.

Many have adhesive tape on the back.

PVC leather is a synthetic leather made from polyvinyl chloride resin.

Because it resembles the surface of genuine leather, you may not be able to tell the difference just by looking at it.

PVC leather is weak against bending and stretching, causing the surface to crack become crumbly, and harden.


Eco-leather is made from finely chopped leather scraps produced during the tanning process of real leather and mixed with natural materials and resin.

The key point of eco-leather is to reduce the environmental impact in all processes, from manufacturing to transportation, sales, and reuse, so that there is no impact on nature.

It is extremely soft and light, making it easy to wear, and there is no smell peculiar to leather.

Eco-leather is a type of faux

l eather that will attract attention in the future due to environmental and ecological issues.

From the Japanese Internet

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