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About gym/casual sportswear

About gym/casual sportswear

The required condition is that it absorbs moisture and dries easily.

The first requirement is that it absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Cotton has been used for sportswear as a fabric that easily absorbs moisture such as sweat, but it has the disadvantage of being difficult to dry.

②Good elasticity and light weight are necessary conditions.

③ Strong resistance to friction and durability are necessary conditions.

Sportswear makes you sweat and must be washed frequently.

Clothing is also an important element when working out at the gym.

What kind of fabric should I choose for gym wear and casual sports?

The most recommended fabrics are polyester/polyurethane and nylon/polyurethane.

In particular, fabrics that are made of 80-70% polyester/nylon and 20-30% spandex are stretchy and easy to use.

Polyester is thin and light, and unlike cotton, it does not absorb moisture into its fibers. Therefore, it has excellent quick drying properties.


Polyester is difficult to absorb sweat, but the way it is woven allows hot air to escape and dry the sweat.

It is also much more comfortable to wear than before, and is now being used in casual apparel.

About types of knitting methods

Tenjiku knitting

This is the most common knitting method and is also called "flat knitting."

It has high horizontal elasticity, making it comfortable to wear, and low vertical elasticity, so it doesn't lose its shape easily.

honeycomb mesh

It is made of a mesh material with a honeycomb structure, and its main feature is that it has a three-dimensional structure.

Due to its three-dimensional structure, it has excellent breathability and is knitted with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties.

Pique knitting

The surface is uneven, reducing the area that comes into contact with the skin, making it smooth and comfortable to wear.

polyester mesh knitting

Made of 100% polyester mesh material, it is extremely thin, light and highly breathable.

Good smooth texture

Interlock (smooth) knitting

Also called smooth knitting, it is characterized by its smooth texture and ability to retain its shape.

Also called "rib knitting," it has extremely high elasticity and is characterized by its ability to stretch horizontally.

The fabric is made with two rubber knits facing each other, making it stretchy and has just the right thickness.

About Japanese gym/casual sports fabrics

About jersey material that uses yarn from Japanese spinning mills and can be used at the gym or as casual sportswear.

It has a feel similar to cotton and has the ability to absorb water and dry quickly.

It prevents it from being see-through to some extent and also has UV protection.

It stretches well both vertically and horizontally.

  new jersey maru<FT-4455>

  From YAMATOMI company

This mesh material has a sporty feel and is treated with Teijin's <Sorel Up®> treatment, which expresses an elegant luster and improves sweat absorption performance.

    The Mesh Sports <M-298S>

    From YAMATOMI company

It has excellent quick-drying properties that quickly disperse sweat.

It's flexible and comfortable, so you can move your body comfortably.

Asahi Kasei's Roica CF is not applied to the fabric in post-processing, but has a deodorizing effect on the thread, so the effect will not                             disappear even after washing                            many times.

   Maintains the property of       suppressing the unpleasant      odor of sweat

   V cut performance that        effectively blocks ultraviolet rays

   There is also.

   TWINCOT UV (uses Royca CF)

   From YAMATOMI company

It is a hybrid material that has two functions: cooling by releasing moisture when it is hot, and generating heat by absorbing moisture when it is cold.

In the summer when used as outerwear, it quickly absorbs sweat and exhibits excellent moisture absorption.


   When used as an inner layer in    winter, the dead air inside the     garment traps heat and exhibits    excellent moisture absorption.

   We use Toyobo's "breathing     polyester" Xlive™.

   Cool de Hotex<EKS-052>

   From YAMATOMI company

Toray's "Cool In® F" is a special nylon knit material with excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties and cooling sensation to the touch.

The biggest appeal is that it feels cool to the touch and feels cool and comfortable when it touches your skin.

     With its high moisture         absorption and desorption       properties, it absorbs water      vapor from the skin and        releases it to the outside air,      quickly reducing stuffiness       and stickiness for a          comfortable fit.

COOL-IN®F Cool touch sensation

From YAMATOMI company

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