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GARMENT accessories that we handle <outdoor>

MILLET is a French outdoor manufacturer and is a long-established brand founded in 1921.

MILLET's world-famous products are backpacks.

In 1950, two mountaineers successfully climbed Mt. Annapurna, also known as the ``killer mountain,'' which became a hot topic around the world, and the mountain climbing bag they used at that time was MILLET.

It became one of the biggest events that made MILLET's name known all over the world.

In the 1960s, cotton backpacks were the mainstream around the world, but MILLET developed nylon backpacks for their lightness and high waterproofness, and at the same time developed padded nylon shoulder straps. Obtained international patent.

The next item that is recognized around the world is the cold weather clothing developed in collaboration with GORE-TEX.

By creating three clothing lines, one for mountain climbing, one for hiking, and one for skiing, this product became popular among many people. It was also accepted by young people as casual wear around town.

We sell garment accessories to factories in Vietnam and China designated by MILLET Mountain Group Japan.

Introducing garment accessories from manufacturers that we accept orders from.

We are a lifestyle brand that uses firewood, offering ways to utilize time and space using fire, from wood stoves to outdoor bonfires.

This is a Japanese manufacturer that sells outdoor products, mainly wood-burning stoves.

We sell outdoor supplies, specializing in outdoor tableware.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, solo camping has become popular in Japan.

Camping manufacturers are also launching clothing and goods brands and increasing the number of stores.

We make grament accessories for Japan that are licensed by world-famous sports brands.

Please ask anything we might be able to help you with.

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