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Jersey & Seamless Factory

This is a factory in Shandong province that we request for jersey, seamless gym and casual sports sewing.

SANTONI is a seamless circular knitting machine.

A single jersey circular knitting machine that knits according to the size of the project.

Since the length of the loop can be changed at any location, it is possible to create a three-dimensional knitted fabric that fits the human body.

It is possible to reduce the sewing process for the sides and hem.

Inner bottoms etc. can be made into products by simply sewing the gusset part.

Founded in Italy in 1919, SANTONI is the world leader in seamless circular knitting machines.

SANTONI was originally a machine company specializing in underwear, but through repeated improvements it developed a knitting machine that could knit nearly finished products, including seamless socks, technical wear, sportswear, beachwear, medical clothing, and knitwear.

Photos inside the factory

sewing area

2 needle sewing machine

for jersey

interlock stitch sewing machine

finishing work

●brand name

●button attachment

●shape with iron

●Inspect each item by removing dirt,  scratches, and lint.

 needle detection machine

●Inspecting whether there are    needles or metal inside the product

●Packing inspection

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