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Jersey sewing factory

This is an introduction to the factory where our company sells garment accessories and produces them on an OEM basis.

sewing area

Secondary sewing area

 cutting area

Inspection area

needle detection machine

t is a clean factory equipped with the latest equipment such as CAD. The factory is located in Shandong province and is a medium-sized factory. Most of the products at the factory are designed in Japan and are of high quality. Also, the production volume is low

Champion's signature item is the "King of Sweatshirt."

Sweatshirts were adopted as training wear by the U.S. military, and also became                         popular as athletic wear at universities,                        becoming popular among students.

Eventually, it spread to the world of sports and became a world-famous American sports casual brand.

Champion's Japanese distributor is Hanes Brands Japan Co., Ltd.

Our company sells champion clothing accessories to this factory.

Our company manufactures Japanese OEM products at this factory.

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