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Moisture-absorbing heat-generating fiber

Moisture-absorbing, heat-generating fibers are fibers that generate heat by absorbing moisture, such as sweat and water vapor.

In addition to sweat, the human body also emits water without being aware of it.

It generates heat using the principle that water vapor absorbs heat from its surroundings, and that heat stays within the fiber, which has the effect of making it feel warmer.

The moisture-absorbing, heat-generating fiber catches that moisture vapor and converts it into heat, making you feel warmer.

The ultrafine fibers are designed to increase the total surface area and facilitate heat generation.

Each manufacturer of moisture-absorbing and heat-generating fibers often has its own unique characteristics, such as the use of rayon and acrylic as materials, and further innovations in weaving and knitting methods.

The picture is fromthe Japanese Internet.

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