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Types of moisture absorbing heat generating fibers

Updated: Jan 10

Temperature graphics of moisture-absorbing heat-generating fibers

Isn't UNIQLO's HEATTECH a famous moisture-wicking and heat-generating fabric sold all over the world?

HEATTECH is a registered trademark produced by Toray to produce moisture-absorbing, heat-generating fibers and sold by Uniqlo.


The photo is from a Uniqlo.

sports manufacturer mizuno

The idea behind Mizuno's moisture-wicking and heat-generating material ``Breath Thermo'' is a desiccant that removes moisture from inside shoes.

Its origin comes from the fact that when water is applied to the desiccant, the fibers become hot.           

The photo on the left is the original of the``Breath Thermo''.

The photo on the right is a processed version of the ``Breath Thermo''.

``Breath Thermo yarn'' is a yarn that does not stretch, so we devised a way to knit it to make the fabric stretch.

We have established a method that achieves both color development and texture of the fabric.

``Breath Thermo’’ has greater moisture absorption and heat generation performance than other acrylate moisture absorption and heat generation materials.

The fabric absorbs moisture → generates heat → retains heat, and wicks away excess moisture.


  Photo from Mizuno

Teijin Frontier/Toho Textile  ``Solisto Thermo''

``Solisto Thermo'' is a fabric that combines microacrylic and rectangular cross-section rayon.

Always comfortable by controlling the temperature inside your clothes.

The effect of capillary action dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Micro acrylic has a soft powder touch that is gentle on the skin.

Maintains volume and excellent heat retention.


Golf wear using ``Solistotherm''

Photo from St ANDRES

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