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What is Russell Lace?

Lace made with a raschel knitting machine. River lace uses a lot of thread and takes time to produce, but a Russell knitting machine uses half the thread.

It is cheaper than river lace because it can be knitted at high speed.

The way to distinguish it from tulle lace is that the warp threads are woven in a way that stands out.

It is characterized by the use of strongly twisted threads for both the warp and weft, and the pattern is woven into the warp.

It is also often used as a material for underwear such as camisoles and bras.

What is torsion lace?

Can only make narrow width lace

This lace is made by crossing threads wound around a bobbin to create a rough mesh pattern using

a jacquard device.

Since it is knitted with thick yarn, the stitches are coarse and durable.

torsion lace

river lace

The name comes from the fact that it is woven using the River knitting machine developed by John River.

River lace has a more luxurious feel than Russell lace, and is considered the highest quality of lace.

The warp threads are intertwined with other threads to create a lace pattern.

It is made by twisting thin threads together and is characterized by delicate and detailed patterns.

Lace can be used in many different ways, depending on the pattern, material, and purpose of use.

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